Friday, 5 February 2010


So my interest in photography is steadily increasing, in particular portraits. I have been researching the various techniques for capturing the perfect shot, and have come across some great examples.

Below are my top 8.

Slight clash with background, do like the casual lean though.

Too keen to show lack of webbing between fingers, distracts from incredible stance.

Just plain scary.

The arse-grab detracts from what would have been a wonderful shot.

All this shot is missing is a huge dead bird. Oh wait.

Inappropriate outfit for a funeral, or curious prop at a wedding?


Cleaver use of space if if all 7 family members (yes, 7) are struggling to fit into frame.

Thursday, 4 February 2010

Northern Angel

We're in. Pretty much everything is unpacked and put into it's rightful place in the new flat now. The move ended up being a lot quicker than I thought it would be, but only went to highlight the sheer volume of stuff we have. There was a slight moment of panic when we could no longer see any of the floor, with half a van still to unload.

Got invited round for a party by the neighbours Friday night. Arriving through smokey doors Matthew Kelly would have been proud of, we were greeted by our two male hosts who were very hospitable, very dancy; with one sporting tremendously snaky hips, and very chilled out, thanks to the regular pizza delivery man delivering more than just pizza, if you catch my drift.

I don't think Lizzi was drunk enough at first, but we felt a little more at ease when our other neighbours arrived. After a couple of drinks and several games of 'I can't hear what you're saying because of the music, so I'm going to guess an appropriate reply and hope I don't offend' it was time to make the long journey home.

Whilst being a slightly surreal night in the company of people who's names still escape me, it was nice to meet the people with whom we share walls.

Let's hope they keep it down.


TV at 5am

Up at half 3 this morning so Lizzi can catch a coach to London with Uni for a fashion show. Why they didn't get a train and set off at an hour which doesn't make your eyes hurt I don't know.

When you get back into bed at 5am and it's started to get light outside, the only thing on TV that hasn't got somebody signing in the corner is the shopping channels.

With only 2 hours of sleep in the bank, no energy to go and get some food, you'd be surprised at the urge to buy the Telesteps 3.8m Portable Telescopic Ladder with Safety Locking System.

Fuck me it's spellbinding.

And a snip at £232.72.

Back to sleep I think.


My Name's Rob and I'm a... virgin. This is the first time I've decided to make a blog. I hope by now I've got some things that some people may find somewhat interesting to read, if not, let me know and I'll buck up.

This is going to act as a diary of sorts, and should hopefully give you an insight into me and the rubbish that whirls around between my ears.

If you read anything you like/don't like/turns you on/makes you vomit, please comment.